Training Vest

Code: RMTV

RedMan's new training vest is the perfect training solution for law enforcement officers. Modeled after standard issue duty vests, the RedMan Training Vest (RTV) is cut to fit just like the duty vest officers wear in the streets. Officers no longer have to worry about ruining or damaging their duty vest. Most importantly, the RTV features an inner layer of foam sandwiched over impact plates for enhanced blunt trauma protection. The RTV is ideal for hands on defensive tactics training, grappling and ground defense.

  • Designed specifically for training
  • Contoured fit to the body for better protection and mobility
  • Accomodates duty belt in training
  • Santizable inner lining
  • Provides blunt impact protection for more dynamic simulations
  • Durable exterior for ground defense and grappling in outdoor environments
  • Value-priced so every officer can have one for their in-service training days

Brand: RedMan Training Gear

Category: Training Gear