RedMan Folding Mat


Mats provide a safer training environment for law enforcement and military instructors and students. The RedMan Folding Mat is easy-to-clean due to its coated nylon vinyl covering. The extra thick folding mat can be used for padding training room walls and floors. It is long-lasting and features shock-reducing 1.4 inch fill. Attach them to other mats using the hook/loop fasteners to create duty assignment mock-ups like benches, couches, beds and steps. The large 4’ x 8’ mat is made from cross link foam and doesn’t break down with wear.

Easy-to-clean, coated nylon vinyl covers

Long-lasting and shock-reducing 1.4 inch fill

Hook/loop fastener on either 2 or 4 sides for easy attachment to other mats

Measures 4’ x 8’

Brand: RedMan Training Gear

Category: Training Gear