Ballistic T-Shirt

Code: BTS-03

EDI-USA’s unique ballistic t-shirt vest offers concealable and discreet protection for daily use and allows the user to move comfortably while wearing the vest. Manufactured with ultra light-weight para-aramid ballistic fibers, this vest is designed to stop fragments and ballistic threats up to ballistic level III-A. This includes resistance of 9mm, .357 SIG and .44mag.
The fabric of the vest is manufactured of durable NEOPRENE fabric which is comfortable and durable for the user. Each vest is produced with strong threads, and is double-stitched for maximum use.   
EDI’s ballistic panels are ultrasonic-sealed and are 100% water-proof.  The raw ballistic material is sourced from Barrday Advanced Materials Solutions in the United States and are tested in the HP White Laboratory in Maryland, U.S.A. for compliance with NIJ 0101.06 resistance. 
For users looking for a discreet and mobile ballistic solution, EDI’s ballistic t-shirt is the recommended vest.
Weighs in approximately 1.97 kgs, and the thickness of panel is about 5mm. 
Shelf-life guarantee for 5 years for ballistic material within panels.
This item is available in white or black, and can be produce in S, M, L, XL, XXL, or custom sizes.

Brand: EDI-USA

Category: Protective Gear